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Jim McGovern is a Professor and Senior Lecturer
at the Dublin Institute of Technology


Career to Date in Words

In 1975 I graduated in Mechanical Engineering with first class honours from University College Dublin. I stayed on to do research in the field of Applied Thermodynamics (heat pumps) with Professor Seamus Timoney, for which I received my MEngSc degree in 1977.

In 1976 I joined Adtec Teoranta in Gibbstown, County Meath, Ireland, as a project engineer. Professor Timoney had set up this company. I worked for a period in design and also gained experience of production planning and control and of project co-ordination (development of a four-wheel-drive truck).

I joined the Department of Physics at University College Galway (UCG) in 1978 as a Research Fellow on heat pumps. Following this, I joined Carlow Regional Technical College in 1979 as a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering. While at Carlow, I continued to collaborate with Dr. Tom O'Connor of UCG on energy use in buildings.

I was appointed as a Lecturer at Trinity College Dublin in 1981, was awarded my PhD for a thesis on Refrigerant Compressors in 1988, and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1991. I was made a Fellow of Trinity College in 1996. My research activities included Thermal Response of Buildings, Refrigeration Compressors, Air Cycle Refrigeration, Automotive Air-conditioning, Zero Emissions Power Cycles, Exergy Analysis, Solar Desalination and the development of Simulation Software.

In 1997 I set up Simtherg Limited as a campus company at Trinity College to develop simulation software involving thermodynamics, mechanics and energy. In January 2001 I began working full-time with Simtherg Limited, on career break from Trinity College. I continued working with Simtherg Limited until the end of January 2003. In the final year of working with Simtherg Limited I was on full-time contract to SMCI Software of London as a Simulation Specialist and Manager. I worked for six weeks as a Mechanical Inspector in the Irish Department of Transport from February 2003.

I joined the Dublin Institute of Technology in March 2003 and served as Head of the School of Mechanical and Transport Engineering from then until April 2009. I was awarded the academic title of Professor by the Dublin Institute of Technology in March 2007. The title of Professor is not linked to grade: my current grade is described as Senior Lecturer 1 (Teaching). I am currently a Senior Lecturer and Professor in the School of Mechanical and Design Engineering.

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