Jim McGovern’s
Professional Profile

Jim McGovern is a Professor and Senior Lecturer
at the Dublin Institute of Technology


Research Interests

My research interests are quite wide, but are mainly in the field of Applied Thermodynamics, with a particular emphasis on simulation. I have an interest in the development of generic simulation in the field of thermodynamics and, more generally, mechanical engineering, i.e. I believe that for every engineering component or system there should be a generic software object that encapsulates its important properties and characteristics. I am interested in symmetry in science, mathematics and engineering.

Currently my work is mainly focused on lecturing and supervising students undertaking projects at final year engineering degree level or master level. The student projects last one academic year at bachelor level and one calendar year at master level. This time frame makes it difficult for me to publish papers with the students. Therefore my ‘research’ is now largely to do with preparing course content, learning materials or assessment tests and with finding ways of being efficient with a heavy workload.

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