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Jim McGovern is a retired mechanical engineer and academic
and maintains the web site Fun-Engineering.net


Generic Combined Cycle Simulation

Highly detailed computer simulation models are used in the power industry to design steam turbine, gas turbine and combined cycle power plants. These can also form the basis for on- or off-line plant optimization and can have a contractual role in billing.

A new generic combined cycle simulation approach is proposed that will have the capacity to accept industry-standard specifications for all of a plant’s components. It will not be vendor specific in any way and will therefore provide a format and vehicle for the exchange and sharing of component performance specifications.

By starting from the beginning, many of the shortcomings of existing simulation software will be overcome. The simulation approach will be developed using standard engineering or office software applications and Mathematica or perhaps Maxima (which is freely-available and open source).

It is vital that this project should be based within a non-commercial environment where the ethos is the advancement of knowledge through sharing and collaboration. It is hoped that the project will lead to a new open-standard core for plant simulation in the power industry.

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